April 15th Tax Day Rally

This Tax Day rally is perhaps the most important since our first one in 2009.

They think we’re gone. We’re not. They think we’re irrelevant. We’re not. They think we have no influence. They’re wrong.

Join us on this very important tax day to send our messages:

* We will not tolerate our 2nd Amendment rights to be
to be taken away.

* We will not pay fees that are unconstitutional.

* We will not remain silent while they turn California
into a Socialist state.

They’re in session so

5th AnnualTax Day Rally
West Steps of the State Capitol

April 15th – 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Patriot March to the Capitol
Begins at the Tower Bridge
11:00 AM

Wear your red shirts and bring a flag as you march from the bridge to the Capitol where you will be accompanied by patriots and patriotic music. We also have our very own special Tea Party chant written by Colleen Britton.

2013 Tax Day Rally Flyer